Printers… Check Out These 10 Hot Prospects to ‘G‑Floor Graphic’ Your Customer Base with G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media

At Better Life Technology we are so appreciative of your business and we want to help you attract new print customers and incremental revenue through our innovative floor graphics printing product. G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media helps businesses in all types of industries stand out from the crowd, make a lasting impression, and build their brand and image through printable vinyl flooring. Although there is hardly a company that wouldn’t benefit from G‑Floor Graphic®’s custom graphic floors, these trending commercial flooring customers will see an immediate benefit from vinyl floor graphics and floor branding. We recommend targeting the following to “G‑Floor Graphic” your G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media business.

1. Casinos

Giant gaming facilities are a printer’s dream customer. Not only are they huge spaces requiring a massive amount of specialty flooring, many casino floors include gift shops, restaurants, hotels and an array of complementary services each needing their own identifying flooring graphics. Today’s casinos are themed spectacles, often with a different theme at every turn that deserves its own cool floor graphics with the WOW factor. G‑Floor Graphic® provides this unique customer casino flooring that is:

· Long lasting and durable

· Will withstand thousands of feet a day for years

· Exciting, creative and energetic · Long-term floor graphics with wall-to-wall custom flooring

· Tough enough to handle heavy gaming islands

· Is comfortable underfoot

· Stain resistant and easy clean

· Slip resistant and flame retardant for safety

· A differentiator from competitors

When you meet with casino owners, designers, etc., they might be searching for a high-end flooring look such as marble flooring, parquet flooring, cork flooring or the like. Remind them that any design can be built right into G‑Floor Graphic®, including high-quality custom image graphics resembling expensive tile flooring, wood plank flooring, borders, trendy bamboo flooring and more. They are only limited by the creativity of the graphic floor designer!

2. Grocery Stores

With G‑Floor Graphic® printable vinyl flooring, you provide grocery flooring that is attractive to shoppers and can actually help sell more product through suggestive selling and POP marketing. You have low-maintenance vinyl flooring for grocery stores that is waterproof flooring subfloor protection. G‑Floor Graphic® resists mold and mildew which can be a culprit in produce and frozen food departments. It will help reduce slips and falls by providing customers and employees improved traction and comfort underfoot. G‑Floor Graphic® will withstand years of grocery store floor traffic, heavy freezers, rolling carts and loads of stock. Most grocery retailers run numerous stores; sell one and you more than likely get the printable flooring for multiple locations!

3. Event Planners, Marketers and Brand Strategists

These folks and these companies are the brains of floor signs, floor advertising, floor branding, floor POP, sponsorship flooring, wayfinding and directional floors. They often have the creatives and graphic designers to turn clients’ visions into reality. Don’t overlook this group for their input into display advertising, tradeshow flooring and event flooring for corporate functions, fundraisers and new product introductions. “G‑Floor Graphic” a relationship with a few good ones, and your floor printing business will come!

4. Museums

Museums come in many forms: art museums, history museums, science museums, children’s museums, aquariums and zoos. Museums have permanent exhibit galleries that need permanent graphic flooring to complement displays. Some exhibits may be traveling or temporary and these galleries need short-term floor graphics and moveable flooring. Permanent museum flooring and repositionable museum flooring both need to be extremely durable, low-maintenance, safe and sound buffering for curators and visitors. Suggest “G‑Floor Graphicing” a floor infographic, a floor map or a floor timeline into museum flooring to enhance the guest experience and close the deal.

5. Brands that use POP advertising

Major brands are experts at using visual merchandising and interior retail branding to influence shoppers and get them to buy something they had never intended to purchase. Because people are always looking where they are walking or looking down at their phones, retail vinyl graphic flooring and custom printed POP flooring is becoming a big commodity in today’s marketing circles.

Even if you don’t have an in with giant brand retailers, you can suggest these POP ideas to mom and pop establishments and local retailers to help you sell them on G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media:

· Countertop mats at checkout registers

· Floor signs that direct customers to a specific sale or product

· Short-term graphic floor advertising

· Create a store within a store

· Use encap floor space for vinyl messaging

· Build QR codes, hashtags or website info into graphic floors

· Utilize outdoor floor graphics to get them inside the door

· And the list goes on…

Here’s a great statistic to share with potential new customers: According to the Point of Purchase Agency Institute (POPAI), 64% of shoppers stop and engage when they see floor graphics.

6. Specialty Retailers

This is one market that was meant for custom retail floor graphics and G‑Floor Graphic® printable vinyl flooring. Specialty retailers include shops that specialize in say swimwear, luggage, sport equipment, pets and more. Think about bookstores that want to bring characters off the pages and onto the floor. “G‑Floor Graphic” games directly into interactive flooring if you are presenting to a children’s toy store. If the prospect is selling athletic apparel, maybe they need a basketball court in the floor. Even themed restaurants can use vinyl custom image flooring to depict Mexican locales, Persian rugs, Greek columns, etc. You get the idea on niche graphic flooring!

7. Sporting Venues, Event Spaces, Theaters

Arenas are famous for using long term graphic floors to brand mascots and for wayfinding to exits, bathrooms and such. Theatres are using short term floor graphics to highlight upcoming shows and current blockbusters or a specific promotion or discount. The great thing about G‑Floor Graphic® is that it will withstand the heavy foot traffic of these venues while protecting patrons and look good doing it. Even event spaces and rental facilities are kicking it up a notch to attract bookings using cool floor graphics that they can permanently install or roll up and store when not in use.

8. Educational Settings

Just like museums, schools have an amazing opportunity to design creative printed flooring and infographic flooring that teaches while protecting the subfloor underneath. G‑Floor Graphic®’s stain resistant and easy care qualities make it an ideal option for pre-school flooring, kindergarten flooring, middle school flooring, high school flooring, gym flooring, cafeteria flooring, university and college flooring, dorm flooring, library flooring and endless other educational flooring possibilities.

9. Automobile Dealerships

We always say G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media is strong enough to drive a car on, yet comfortable enough to stand on for long hours. Well… automotive dealership flooring has met its match with our custom vinyl flooring mats and printed parking pads. G‑Floor Graphic® offers wall to wall custom flooring or moveable flooring to highlight every make and model.

10. Architects and Interior Designers

Often floor plan graphics are determined in early building design which is why architects and interior designers sometimes have the first say in commercial flooring choices. Be sure to keep them on your radar when you see ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings for new buildings. Every building has a floor that needs covering and it might as well be printable flooring using G‑Floor Graphic® vinyl graphic floors.

Let us know how we can help you pitch more G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media to new and existing customers.