Direct Patrons Using Promotional/Directional/Wayfinding Custom Graphics Flooring

Custom flooring graphics aren’t new but they are reemerging as a cost-effective marketing tool without the limitations of traditional media. Anything goes with custom image flooring – size, shape, design and color – and it’s easy to install and maintain. With more people looking down at their phones while they walk, marketers, branders and businesses are realizing the benefits of the floor to promote, organize, direct and help folks find their way. G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media is a revolutionary, polyvinyl, custom image flooring product helping companies and industries of all kinds lead patrons creatively, efficiently and safely:

· Event, entertainment and sports venues

· Malls and retail shops

· Office buildings and warehouses

· Grocery stores

· Restaurants

· Motels, hotels and resorts

· Automotive dealerships

· Zoos and museums

· Transportation hubs – airports, bus stations, rail stations

· Educational facilities

· Hospitals and health care facilities

· Civic institutions

· And more!

You create your design and message and G‑Floor Graphic Print Media does the rest. Our one-of-a-kind print media comes in a variety of sizes, clear or colors, and we also have textured surface options. Images printed on our premium, 100% solid polyvinyl are reproduced in stunning detail in bold, charismatic color.

G‑Floor Graphic leads the competition with the thickest wear layer/top coat in the industry. Your image and message stay clear and vibrant for years under heavy use and heavy foot traffic. Imagine how you might use G‑Floor Graphic to direct shoppers and influence purchases, help travelers find their way to a departure gate, or even provide organizational cues for office employees. Below are just a few ideas for three unique business sectors, although there are virtually unlimited possibilities to use wayfinding floor signage.

Retail environments are a great example of directional signage in action is Wal-Mart’s strategic placement of polyvinyl flooring when customers enter a new area, i.e. pharmacy, bank, customer service, and the list goes on. Customers know exactly how to find the department and know when they’ve arrived at their desired location.

How do you get shoppers from the front of the store to the back of the store? With branded, messaged flooring, of course. Tell them where the specials are located and creatively lead them there. Give them clever reasons to get excited along the way. Offer some incentive when they’ve reached your intended locale.

Use directional signage to point the way to dressing rooms, restrooms, water fountains, checkout registers, elevators, escalators and the like, all while taking them through departments they might not have otherwise found.

Steer customers to new arrivals. Tell them where to find the clearance aisle. Create a pathway for them to view the items you most want to sell.

Indoor and outdoor events, races and fundraisers are ideal venues for wayfinding. Attendees need to know where to register, where to pick up goodie bags, or how to checkout once completing a race or leaving an auction. Show them to food lines, photo booths, beverage stations and more. Don’t forget to state your cause in your flooring signage so they remember why they are participating.

With floor markings, pedestrians know where to walk and also know what areas are off limits. Runners know which way to head to continue the course route. Develop a civilized path for tradeshow attendees so everyone flows in the same direction.

What if you are displaying at a holiday boutique but you are located at the farthest point in the convention center? Here again, floor signage with your logo and booth # can make or break your sales efforts. Be sure to give them a good reason to seek you out in your messaging.

Have fun with your directional signage at indoor and outdoor sporting events. Use mascots to point the way to concessions, restrooms, ticket booths, etc.

Commercial and business organizations pathway flooring is increasingly popular in large corporations where employees and patrons need guidance. Lead employees to supplies, copy machines and even break rooms. Well-placed floor mats tell visitors how to get from administrative areas to shipping docks. Clearly-marked paths and exit routes come in very handy during fire drills or evacuations. Companies are also finding unique ways to use directional flooring to organize storerooms and warehouses.

Make your way to G‑Floor Graphic custom image print media for:

· Durable, long-lasting flooring – won’t crack, peel, scratch, curl, delaminate or fade

· Tough enough to drive on, comfortable to walk on

· Waterproof

· Slip-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant

· Easily cleans by vacuuming, using soap and water or vinyl-safe cleaner

· Lightweight and recyclable

· Made in the USA

G‑Floor Graphic Print Media brings your visual images to life in ways you may have never imagined. Our website is full of additional wayfinding and directional flooring ideas and photos to put you on the path to promotional success.