Why Should I Use Floor Graphics?

Gaining in popularity, graphic floors are a cost-effective, flexible form of advertising, brand building, PR and wayfinding that can actually enhance the overall guest/customer experience at the same time it is helping your business grow. Custom image flooring is an affordable alternative to expensive TV and radio advertising, print media, direct mail and billboards. Floor graphics might be seen multiple times, used over and over again in different places and the messages leave a lasting impression.

Much research has been conducted in recent years to determine how people perceive floor advertising and printed floor graphics. Psychologically and biologically it is nearly impossible to overlook a well-placed, well-designed, cool floor graphic. Humans are programmed to look where they are walking to make sure they won’t trip on something and fall. We are more likely to look at messaging below our feet than above our heads. And in the last couple decades, people look down at their phones more than they look above or straight ahead.

When it comes to making buying decisions, the Point of Purchase Agency Institute (POPAI) found that 76% of purchases result once a shopper is in the store. POPAI also discovered that shoppers stopped and engaged with a product that included floor advertising 64% of the time.

A study by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology looked at how colorful floor graphics placed with a floor display unit influenced purchases of breakfast cereals. The products featuring a custom floor graphic for visual merchandising increased sales 17% over those without printed flooring. On average, grocers (and many other retailers) can expect a sales lift of 10-15% by including custom graphic mats and printed flooring with featured products.

POP and POS are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to merchandising and advertising using floor graphics. See why retailers, business owners, marketing professionals and event promoters are turning to custom printed graphic floor branding and messaging to attract attention.

1. Floor branding reinforces brand identity.

2. As seen above, floor advertising graphics and retail floor branding can grab customers before buying decisions are made.

3. Printed floors help interior retail branding efforts and create stores-within-a-store areas.

4. Niche graphic flooring is commonly used for tradeshow floors to direct traffic towards a particular booth or to draw prospects into a display.

5. Custom printed floor mats increase brand awareness and direct patrons into businesses at indoor and outdoor entrances.

6. A directional floor has the capability of leading consumers to a product they are looking for or didn’t even know they wanted.

7. Wayfinding floor graphics serve as a way to guide people to restrooms, exits, check out registers and other important areas of your establishment, significantly enhancing the customer experience.

8. Graphic floor mats help businesses keep warehouses and other storage areas neat and organized.

9. Promoters use creative themed floors for movie theatres, sporting and concert events, etc. with logos, social media and website information.

10. Cool printed floors make great decorations for fundraising events, company gatherings, parties and even wedding receptions.

11. Businesses and marketers are getting noticed with 3D floor graphics to introduce new products, run special sales and more.

12. Museums and educational facilities incorporate floor infographics as part of the learning process.

13. Graphic mats work great as countertops and display mats in restaurants promoting food and drink specials.

14. Automotive dealerships customize flooring for parking individual makes and models.

15. Aesthetically-appealing personalized floors turn work environments and office buildings into works of art and welcoming places to conduct business.

As you can see, there are so many amazing reasons to use floor graphics. The uses are only limited by your creativity.

Custom printed graphic flooring comes in a variety of forms including floor stickers, floor decals and vinyl graphic flooring and mats. By far, printable vinyl is the most durable floor graphics material. G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media is a one-of-a-kind vinyl print media product manufactured from 100% premium polyvinyl without any heavy fillers and foams underneath. Made in the USA, G‑Floor Graphic is designed for grand-format printing with UV Digital, Solvent and Screen Printing inks. G‑Floor Graphic is available in a variety of colors, textures, sizes and thicknesses to serve any need. Permanently cover an entire area wall-to-wall using printable vinyl flooring or create moveable, free-floating, reusable floor graphics for multiple uses.

Depending on the G‑Floor Graphic product, custom images are printed second-surface, reverse underneath UV-inhibited vinyl and protected by the toughest wear layer available in this market for unmatched image protection and longevity. Our solid, thick construction is strong enough to drive a car on, is waterproof, stain-resistant, slip-resistant and won’t scratch, crack, peel or curl under heavy use and extensive foot traffic.

Show your true colors in amazing clarity and vibrant designs. Put your floors to good use and let them tell your story using G‑Floor Graphic Print Media floor graphics.