G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media: State-of-the-ART Museum Flooring and Wall Coverings

The best museums educate visitors on the displays they so meticulously house. Whether you are a curator of priceless art, historical artifacts, scientific knowledge or even the habitat of animals and marine life, G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media has the floor and wall solutions to augment your guests’ overall museum experience.

G‑Floor Graphic is a 100% polyvinyl, one-of-a-kind print media product that allows you to custom print any image on any surface for an endless array of exhibition purposes. Suitable for grand format printing with UV Digital, Solvent and Screen Printing Inks, G‑Floor Graphic is also available in G‑Floor Graphic SF (Sheet Fed) for a cost-effective means of mass reproducing your desired image should you decide to include a handout or giveaway.

Your custom images reproduce in high-resolution detail in amazingly brilliant colors. Best suited to second surface printing, your design and message are protected by a strong wear layer – the thickest in the industry – so no worries about wear and tear.

When marketing your exhibits, take advantage of the space surrounding your display. Especially in this digital age of mobile devices, you’ve got a lot of eyes looking down at their phones. Let your flooring complement your piece. Think of the unlimited possibilities you have to enhance your exhibit with G‑Floor Graphic Print Media Flooring and Wall applications.

Art museums – Your flooring can be a subtle, perfectly balanced work of art in itself, accompanying the masterpieces on display. Use G‑Floor Graphic to create a subdued, stylish reflection of your gallery or use G‑Floor Graphic as directional signage to point the way to a special installation. For walls, consider limited text to explain your piece or create an understated scene depicting the era your collection represents.

History museums – You’ve got so many options to enhance the time and place of your unique artifacts, from a prehistoric landscape if housing dinosaur remains to hieroglyphics with an ancient Egyptian display to maps of the District of Columbia area for showcasing George Washington memorabilia. If highlighting military history, you might consider vinyl graphics of a battlefield during the time of the Civil War. The possibilities are endless.

Science museums – Have fun with this one, including clouds and sky schemes if displaying aviation artifacts. Visitors to a planetarium might enjoy looking down on stars at their feet. Include flooring and wall graphics with the solar system for space exploration exhibits. Print the periodic table on flooring and use wall coverings depicting a lab setting. The list goes on and on.

Children’s museums – Vibrant colors and words can help you educate young minds while providing a safe, durable floor for exploring. Make an impact and leave a lasting impression with G‑Floor Graphic Print Media, designed to withstand heavy traffic, spills and stains.

Traveling Exhibits – Use G‑Floor Graphic Print Media permanently installed in any collection gallery or use in a removable, repositionable, free-floating application.

Aquariums and Zoos – Here’s where you can really reflect the habitat and surroundings of marine and wildlife in your wall and floor coverings. G‑Floor Graphic Print Media will make the beautiful hues of a Tropical Rainforest, African wilderness, Australian Outback or the Great Barrier Reef come to life. With its waterproof characteristics and marine-grade performance, G‑Floor Graphic has many specialty application options, including use outdoors and for underwater exhibits.

G‑Floor Graphic Print Media is manufactured in the USA of the highest-quality, most durable polyvinyl on the market today and is perfectly suited to any museum environment:

· Industry leading, thick wear layer/top coat so images won’t crack, peel, scratch, curl, delaminate or fade

· Tough enough to drive on, comfortable to walk on, designed for high-traffic areas

· Slip-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant

· Easily cleans by vacuuming, using soap and water or vinyl-sage cleaner

· Permanently install your custom G‑Floor Graphic Print Media for wall-to-wall commercial coverage or move your graphics depending on space and display

· Available in widths up to 10’ and in flexible 35 mil and 75 mil, and semi-rigid 85 mil thickness

· Clear, solid and textured options available

Don’t forget to include your custom graphics in your museum store – studies show your surroundings can actually stimulate purchases. G‑Floor Graphic will help you build your museum brand and image, grab your guests’ attention and maximize all visual and educational opportunities!