Observe this Independence Day Tariff Free with Premium Vinyl Flooring Made in the USA

Ever notice how many product labels on recent purchases say “Made in China?” If not China, maybe “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in Mexico” or even “Made in India.” Well… with politics at play, you’ll be paying a lot more for some of these products soon if you haven’t already. And it isn’t just the new tariffs on many imports making buying American-made products a better option all around. Better Life Technology (BLT) is proud to state that all our vinyl flooring brands – G‑Floor® Universal Flooring, AquaTread® Marine Flooring and G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media – are “MADE IN THE USA!”

Our company headquarters are located in the American heartland in Lenexa, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. It houses a beautiful showroom for viewing our most durable vinyl flooring products as well as our administrative, sales and customer service departments.

All BLT’s commercial and residential roll out vinyl flooring, vinyl peel & stick tiles, universal floor mats, boat flooring, custom printable vinyl flooring material, accessories and adhesives, and GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ are manufactured at our production facility in Emporia, Kansas, about 90 miles south of Kansas City. Emporia is also home to our 240,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution center. This central location saves on freight and shipping costs to fulfill our online sales, catalog sales and retail distribution. Plus, less travel and lower fuel consumption to transport our goods translates into a lower carbon footprint.

We are proud to help the American economy grow by employing associates living in our local communities. But there are so many other important reasons to buy products Made in the USA.

Why buy products Made in the USA?

Higher Quality Products U.S. products are required to pass rigorous standards tests. With American consumer protection laws in place, you can be confident your safety is of the utmost concern. “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, craftsmanship and a far superior product than those imported from countries with lower manufacturing and labor standards.

When comparing products, consumers often complain about the higher price in many instances for an American-made product. But most often, the longevity of the product before needing replacement well outweighs the minor price differences.

Health and Safety This goes back to the statement on quality. Without the same testing and compliance standards enforced in U.S. production, many foreign products contain hazardous or poisonous materials like lead, or can pose choking hazards or other issues. And we must mention the lower standards of working conditions in sweatshops, mills, mines and other facilities that can pose safety and health risks to workers.

Fair Wages and Human Rights The U.S. has stringent labor laws unlike other countries that employ children or workers receiving outrageously little pay for laboring 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week. American workers are guaranteed an honest pay for an honest day’s work, and when you buy from third world manufacturers, you continue to support this substandard human exploitation.

Environmental Impact Products are cheaper to make in developing countries because they have few or no regulations to protect the health of citizens, the air or the water. U.S. manufacturing processes are generally cleaner and must meet environmental regulations. And goods made in places like China and India have to cross oceans to arrive on U.S. soil. That’s a lot of fossil fuel and carbon emissions to contend with, not to mention higher shipping and delivery prices.

BLT is committed to sustainable manufacturing and business practices and to producing the most durable vinyl flooring in the industry. Our design and engineering processes are different from competitors using fillers, laminate, thin wear layers, or only quality materials on the top 10-20% of their products for appearance. BLT’s multi-purpose vinyl flooring products are 100% premium polyvinyl throughout the entire product so it is water impermeable, mold- and mildew resistant, and won’t deteriorate from cracks, tears, fading, peeling or curling at the ends. It outlasts and outperforms products of lesser quality and most flooring meets the strictest standards for traction and flammability.

So this 4th of July holiday, think of how you can support American Independence from foreign exports to guarantee our future for generations. Buying the highest-quality, best American-made vinyl flooring products from BLT is just one of the many ways to show your Patriotism as you celebrate the birth of our great nation!