Is G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media Only a Long Term Floor Graphic? Can I Use G‑Floor Graphic for a Short Term Floor Graphic?

The short answer is: G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media for custom printed flooring is extremely suited to both long term floor graphics and short term floor graphics. Here we’ll talk about which G‑Floor Graphic printable vinyl flooring material works best for each situation and give you ideas on how best to use long term and short term graphic flooring.

G‑Floor Graphic Print Media offers exceptional versatility and performance under a variety of circumstances. G‑Floor Graphic is a unique 100% solid, premium polyvinyl graphic flooring product manufactured in the USA by Better Life Technology. It is designed for grand-format printing with UV Digital, Solvent and Screen Printing inks. G‑Floor Graphic Print Media helps your personalized flooring design come alive in sharp, vivid color and clarity. G‑Floor Graphic provides features benefiting both users of long term floor graphics and short term floor graphics:

  • Tough enough to drive a car on so it withstands excessive foot traffic
  • Depending on the G‑Floor Graphic product, custom graphic images are reverse printed underneath vinyl flooring and protected by the toughest wear layer in this industry so they won’t wear off
  • Resists stains
  • Slip-resistant for traction and guest safety
  • Comfort underfoot
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Free-floating/repositionable/reusable/one-time use or permanent installation options
  • Flexibility to get as creative as you want in any size or shape
  • Multiple colors, textures and thicknesses to let your imagination soar

For long term floor graphics:

Because of G‑Floor Graphic’s solid construction without using any fillers or foams like other vinyl printing products, G‑Floor Graphic outlasts and outperforms competitors. G‑Floor Graphic doesn’t have any filler to breakdown inside the product so it won’t deteriorate from moisture, mold or mildew. Images are protected by a UV-inhibited wear layer to last for years without wearing down, fading, scratching, tearing, cracking or peeling.

Our printable roll out flooring is available in widths up to 10 feet and lengths of 50 feet for covering large spaces and for making permanent installation easier with fewer seams. We recommend G‑Floor Graphic second surface printing on our 35 Mil and 75 Mil Clear vinyl print media for this type of long term floor graphic use. Even under heavy foot traffic, the table below will help you see how long you can expect your custom graphic flooring to last.

Material Thickness Durable up to:
35 Mil 36 Months
50 Mil 60 Months
75 Mil 120 Months

G‑Floor Graphic long term floor graphics are well-suited to commercial and retail flooring. Use for retail branding and advertising. Create stores within a store. Design cool printed floors and themed floors for office buildings, hallways, break rooms and such. Utilize G‑Floor Graphic for directional flooring or wayfinding. G‑Floor Graphic works great as automotive dealership flooring, floor infographics in educational and museum flooring, theaters, arenas and more. G‑Floor Graphic’s long term graphic flooring uses are limitless.

For short term floor graphics:

Although our high-quality vinyl flooring for custom graphics is much more durable than short term floor stickers and floor decals, G‑Floor Graphic is designed for many moveable flooring applications as well. Use for as long as you want, roll up and store for later use or reposition your custom printed floor mats from location to location.

G‑Floor Graphic offers an 85 Mil White vinyl flooring product for printing along with solid colors in 75 Mil for first surface printing. We recommend these solid colors for short term indoor and outdoor floor graphics. Mounting adhesive is available for a variety of G‑Floor Graphic materials that can extend the life of your printed floors for months.  

Some really good ideas for using G‑Floor Graphic for short term floor graphics include: POP flooring, tradeshow floors, countertop and display mats, event floor branding, wayfinding floor graphics, sale and promotional flooring, niche graphic flooring for doorways, and the list is endless.

Think one-of-a-kind G‑Floor Graphic Print Media for your one-of-a-kind floor graphics no matter how long you need your custom printed imaged flooring to last!