Unique Tradeshow Booth Ideas 2019: Use Free Space Above, Below and Around

Your exhibit booth and tradeshow display should be as unique as your business. How do you stand out from the crowd at tradeshows full of competitor exhibits?

Although the trend for 2019 is to be more minimalistic, smart event planners and marketers are taking to the ceiling, walls and floors to create interest and draw in tradeshow attendees. These areas of your tradeshow booth are often considered wasted space, but that no longer needs to be the case with tactful and strategic placement of messaging. Here are some unique tricks to draw attention at your next tradeshow:

Take your display to new heights

Make your booth a destination and use the space above your exhibit to attract attention from across the room. Think of hanging your logo high and proud or display your company mascot atop your booth. This is especially helpful if your space is small and you want plenty of floor space for minglers. Inflatables work great as a lightweight prop.

Arches are big in 2019 and will draw attention from all the other square walled exhibits. Think outside the box with all kinds of unusual shapes, especially those that can tower over the crowd. Consider poles of different sizes and wrap them in interesting designs that reflect your company image.

Specialty lighting is another great way to look and feel different. Exhibition halls are notoriously lit by harsh, bright lights. Use options like recessed and down-lit lighting to create a more welcoming environment where you can spotlight your product or service better. We’ve even seen the use of chandeliers to invite in new visitors.

If your walls could talk

Well… your walls can talk if you let them and do it right! Gone are the days of boring, solid colored walls and paneling at tradeshows. Cutting-edge companies are incorporating their brand messaging into reusable wall displays.

At eye-level, your wall space is invaluable and doesn’t have to only contain your logo or tagline. It can be used as an integral part of your tradeshow booth to tell your story. The key is not to clutter every wall with too much information. Use just one or two as focal points.

Utilize custom wall graphics to direct the flow of booth traffic. Create a photo booth opportunity or selfie area using a beautifully designed wall graphic. If you want to do a booth giveaway or tradeshow game, your wall can become part of the action. Walls are also a great place to display hashtags, QR codes, website address and the list goes on.

The hidden gem beneath you once overlooked and undervalued, marketers and event planners are realizing the hidden attributes of the tradeshow floor. With more folks checking their phones nearly non-stop these days, you’ve always got a captive audience looking downward, so why not use it to your advantage? Sure it is important for your tradeshow flooring to be comfortable for staff and attendees, but your exhibit floor can become the star of the show!

While other booths are using snap together tiles or a piece of unappealing carpet, your event flooring has the ability to differentiate you from the competition. Custom imaged graphic flooring helps with branding and messaging. It invites prospects in, distinguishes your space from your neighbor next door and sets the overall tone of your booth.

Smart businesses are using the floor space that faces to the outside of the booth for their most compelling messages to catch the eye of passersby. This is the ideal area for touting special offers, creating a game or giveaway element, or even using for directional signage to register to win promotions inside.

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