Better Life Technology Celebrates National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

Every great business starts with a great idea and dedicated entrepreneurs to see it to fruition. The story of Better Life Technology (BLT) isn’t all that different from the millions of other small businesses that were created to solve a problem or fulfill a need. We are excited to celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day on March 29th and share our journey with you.

In the case of Better Life Technology, it all began with the father and son team of Don and Brett Sneed. Their inspiration just happened to be Brett’s brand spanking new white carpet his wife had just installed throughout their home. How were they going to keep it clean?

Our founders quickly realized most of the grime being tracked in from outside was coming in through the garage. The Sneeds’ very first product was the G‑Floor® Parking Pad, a superior polyvinyl roll out garage floor protector. Its patented RIBBED™ channel design contained water, snow, winter grime and debris, collecting it in grooves for later clean up. No more tracking these elements indoors on shoes and onto the white carpeting.

Brett developed the unique 10’ wide manufacturing process for the G‑Floor product line and worked with his father, Don, to produce a thick, solid polyvinyl that not only protected garage concrete, but outlasted and outperformed other polyvinyl products on the market. Because they manufactured their vinyl flooring rolls without using fillers, foams, layers and laminates, G‑Floor was entirely water-, mold- and mildew-proof, and didn’t peel, tear, crack, stain or curl under harsh conditions or excessive use. G‑Floor resisted oils, antifreeze, salt, corrosives and other harsh chemicals often found in and around thegarage. Their vinyl roll out flooring was easy to install, easy to clean and was also slip-resistant. It quickly became the #1 garage floor protector on the market.

In recent years, Brett invented and launched innovative 100% polyvinyl solutions for additional markets. AquaTread® Marine Flooring takes the best qualities of G‑Floor and serves to cover the floors of boats and pontoons. The revolutionary G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media product allows commercial businesses and marketers to print custom graphics on our polyvinyl product with the same performance and durability characteristics that made G‑Floor a household name. Last year, BLT added the groundbreaking GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ line to better cover the greenhouse industry.

Fast forward 20+ years to today. Brett Sneed is still involved in the business as BLT’s CEO and visionary. He has expanded the G‑Floor product line to include multiple sizes, colors and textures that cover the floors of not only garages, but now residential areas, commercial spaces, mobile units, healthcare and educational facilities, gyms and so much more.

All BLT products are inspired and manufactured in the USA at our corporate headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, and at our production plant in nearby Emporia, Kansas.

BLT proudly features its products on, through other ecommerce retailers and in over a thousand locations worldwide, many of them Mom and Pop shops just like ours. We’ll continue to innovative new and enhanced solutions to make your life better. At Better Life Technology, our goal is to conduct business in a trustworthy manner and help grow the economy along with the millions of new and existing small businesses that make America great!