Is Vinyl Marine Flooring Hot to Walk on in Bare Feet?

Our customer service representatives get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately, vinyl can get hot after many hours in the outdoor sun like most other marine flooring alternatives. It is nearly impossible to find a pontoon flooring that doesn’t retain heat to some extent.

Marine carpeting does, and rubber boat flooring can actually get extremely hot. We’ve recently conducted tests comparing the temperatures of our competitors’ woven products with our AquaTread vinyl marine flooring. The woven marine flooring registered as much as 13 degrees hotter on feet than our AquaTread non-woven vinyl boat flooring. Maybe the only marine flooring to stay cooler under the scorching summer rays might be real wood and turf, but they too, have their own set of drawbacks.

Vinyl marine flooring is changing at an exciting pace. New advances show great promise in how vinyl pontoon flooring repels suns damaging UV rays and can feel cooler to the touch than ever before.

Our AquaTread® Marine Flooring’s Premiere Collection and its new Simplicity Collection lines both include an improved marine-grade top coat with a UV-inhibitor for long-term color and image retention. This innovative top coat also includes anti-microbial qualities so no mold grows, and it’s reduced blushing properties won’t leave lasting marks from wet towels, bathing suits, coolers, life jackets, etc.

We will continue to test our polyvinyl marine flooring for temperature and heat retention figures, so these numbers can help us research cooler alternatives for the future. We’ll keep you posted on any updated findings.

In the meantime, we recommend you browse through our three Collection lines for any interesting array of styles and designs. Keep in mind, the lighter the shade, the cooler that patterned pontoon flooring or boat flooring will be to the touch and to bare feet.