Make a Plan for a Garage Makeover Before You Start

If you want to complete a dream garage makeover, upfront planning will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress. Before you even begin the de-cluttering and garage renovation process, consider these:

What is the main purpose of my garage? Your garage might be simply a place to park cars and other wheeled toys like mowers, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. Maybe you want to turn your garage into an automotive showroom. Or you might use it as a garage workspace only. Do you want to use it solely as a gardening room? Or is it going to be used mostly for overflow storage for Christmas decorations, sporting goods, etc.?

Create a Blueprint. Once you’ve decided on the type of garage transformation you are looking for, simply sketch out your vision on paper. By taking measurements early on in your garage remodel, you’ll know sizes for paint, shelving, garage floor coverings and so much more.

Do a complete inspection of walls, garage flooring, windows, garage door and more. Seal cracks, repair walls, fill holes in garage floor, and add any insulation if necessary. Check the garage door threshold area to make sure you aren’t losing heat or letting in water and debris.

Decide what you need to purchase new and what you can reuse. As part of your garage makeover, you might want to update garage lighting. Does your dream garage include a new door or opener? Is your existing shelving in good condition and recyclable?

Determine a color scheme. Once you decide your wall paint color, it will help you determine the perfect complementary flooring for the garage. Our DIY vinyl flooring rolls and garage floor mats come in a variety of sizes, textures and neutral colors to complete any garage flooring or workshop flooring project. We also have all the G‑Floor accessories you’ll need to finish your look.

Arm yourself with a few helpful tools. You’ll want to load up on cleaning supplies, large garbage bags, boxes, labeling tape and sharpies, and anything else to help you in the clearing out portion of your garage transformation.  

Now that you’ve got your initial garage makeover plan in place, we encourage you to take the next step in your garage organization and garage makeover by reading the following helpful blog.