Celebrate Fathers Day with G-Floor

Black Diamond tread Gfloor flooring

Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate and honor the fathers and father figures in our lives. While choosing the perfect gift can be challenging, G-Floor® is here to simplify the process. With G-Floor’s ultimate Father’s Day gift guide, you can make any dad feel loved and appreciated.

  1. For the Dog Dad

The G-Floor Pet Flooring line offers something for every dog dad. From large kennel mats to G-Floor Drip & Dry Pet Bowl Mats, the line offers signature G-Floor textures and a variety of colors to fit their home or style. G-Floor Pet mats protect hardwoods, carpet, and tile against kibble, spills, and sharp claws. If Dad is getting a puppy this summer this would be the perfect gift for him to come home to!

  1. For the Car or Motorcycle Enthusiast

Gift a G-Floor parking pad. If there is a dad out there who loves classic cars, new cars, or even motorcycles, gift G-Floor Garage Flooring or G-Floor Motorcycle Mat… Choose between multiple sizes for the perfect fit. If Dad likes a little pattern, the Checkerboard Parking Pad is a great option to really spotlights his prized vehicle(s). 

  1. For the Dad who Spends Time in the Garage 

Time to transform his garage! Sometimes the garage is more than just a place to cover and protect cars. It can also be a place to watch sports, a place to host family and friends, or provide a great space for a workshop. Help transform the garage into a place he will be proud to invite his buddies over to watch a sporting event or work on a project. Start by decluttering and organizing, then adding G-Floor® Garage Flooring to protect your subfloor. Finally, finish with a touch of personalization such as a custom name sign, framed photos, and any other things dad would want to have. When you are done, your Dad has a special place to unwind, work on hobbies, or enjoy some alone time after a long day. All G-Floor textures are offered in a variety of sizes, even the new Drip & Dry, making it easy to find the right fit for their favorite vehicle

  1. For the Lawn Guy

If Dad has a shed, spends his Sundays outside mowing, and has his lawn perfectly manicured at the start of each week…Then this is the gift for him. G-Floor® Shed Flooring is perfect for protecting the subfloor from deterioration caused by heavy lawn equipment. G-Floor protects against moisture, stains, gas, and other harsh chemicals. It’s easy to assemble and comes in a variety of textures, sizes, and colors. 

  1. For the Fitness Fanatic

Is Dad diving into a relaxing yoga session, hitting the miles on the treadmill, going for ride on his stationary bike, or lifting a new personal record? Gift him a G-Floor® Exercise Mat! Perfect for protecting floors from heavy gym equipment, sweat, and spills. These exercise equipment mats can be placed under treadmills, weight racks, ellipticals, stationary bikes, benches, and anything else his home gym has to offer. The durable 100% polyvinyl mat comes in multiple colors and two sizes to fit any space while preventing floors from being scratched and dented. Gift Dad health and wellness this year!

  1. For the Boating Enthusiast

Time to upgrade Dad’s pontoon! With its durability and sleek design, G-Floor® Outdoor & Marine pontoon flooring is ready to take him across the water. G-Floor Outdoor & Marine Flooring is durable, UV-stable, waterproof, slip-resistant, snag-resistant, and easy to install. There are three different collections offered with many patterns to choose from.

  1. For the Golfer

Dad would LOVE to pull his golf cart in on a G-Floor® Golf Cart Mat. The perfect sized mat to keep his garage floors protected from mud, tire marks, dents, and scratches. They also protect garage floors from oil, gas, battery acid, and other harsh chemicals. From the course to the garage, Dad will be happy to drive his cart on G-Floor!

  1. For the Man Who Has It All

No matter what your dad’s interests are, the best thing you can do is show him how important he is and how much he means to you. Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there!

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