American Craftsmanship: G-Floor Flooring

In the world of home renovations and design, flooring plays a significant role in appearance and functionality. With so many different products on the market, there is an increasing trend toward supporting local businesses and choosing products made in the USA. Let’s explore the remarkable company that produces top of the line flooring, G-Floor, proudly manufactured right here in the United States!

The American Craftsmanship Legacy

Flooring that is made in the United States carries a legacy of American craftsmanship. Every step of the process reflects dedication to quality and sustainability. By choosing domestically produced flooring, you not only invest in your space, but also the communities and traditions that shape them. 

In 1998, Brett Sneed and his father Don founded Better Life Technology. Brett was tired of cleaning his garage floor. He was tired of cracks and divots in the concrete, and sick of tracking dirt and debris into the house.  

Brett developed the unique 10’ wide manufacturing process and worked with Don to develop G‑Floor®, which is made of solid polyvinyl and rolls out for easy installation. Together, they started the manufacturing process right here in America. Brett continues to innovate the industry, adding new high-quality products that solve common problems and make everyday living easier and cleaner.

Preserving American Jobs and Livelihoods

Every purchase you make from G-Floor contributes to the creation and preservation of American jobs and livelihoods. From the manufacturing floor to the retail counter, thousands of workers rely on these businesses for employment and income. Supporting businesses in the USA means upholding the values of fair wages, worker protections, and labor rights that are fundamental to the American dream. 


When we say G-Floor is 100% polyvinyl, we mean it. Other vinyl flooring manufacturers say that their flooring is 100% polyvinyl; however, they are created in thin layers. In turn, these products will NOT hold up overtime, can tear more easily, and won’t protect your floor. 

G-Floor is the gold standard of vinyl flooring. What started as an idea just for garage flooring has grown to become trailer, shed, pet, boat, and even restroom flooring. G-Floor is solid vinyl throughout and made to protect your subfloor from water, harsh chemicals, heavy vehicle traffic, lawn equipment, scratches, dents, and more. 

It’s more than just a surface to walk on, it’s a testament to the dedication of those who innovate and craft quality G-Floor. Order yours today!   Visit our Where to Buy page.