Long Lasting 35 Mil Floor Graphics are Here!

Goodbye flimsy, dull, short-lived floor graphics! It’s time for eye catching graphics that are stronger, vibrant, and long-lasting! The 35 Mil G-Floor Graphic® vinyl lasts up to 36 months as opposed to the 4–6-month floor decals that will leave you scraping up what’s left after half has peeled up on its own. Here’s why 35 Mil G-Floor® graphics are the best, high-quality and durable floor graphics on the market.

100% Polyvinyl

When we say 100% vinyl, we mean it. There is 35 Mil of solid vinyl to display vibrant images and withstand high traffic areas. This thickness is perfect for directional floor signage, floor stickers, and repositionable display mats.

Three Different Options for Custom Signage

  1. Ceramic Clear
  • Best suited for indoor use, Ceramic Clear is second surface printed meaning signage will be mirror printed on the back. This will help protect your graphics even more.
  1. Woodgrain™ Clear
  • Just like Ceramic Clear, Woodgrain Clear is best suited for indoor use and second surface printed as well and with a slight “woodgrain” texture for added traction.
  1. Super Smooth™ Absolute White
  • Blank, smooth, untextured surface suited for indoor or outdoor use. Super Smooth White is first surface printed on the top of the vinyl and still works great for high traffic areas.

Check out the many options of G-Floor Graphic Vinyl today and get started with your custom designs!