G‑Floor® Addresses Environmental Protection for Patients and Healthcare Providers with Sanitary Roll Out Medical Flooring in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

We are all in this crisis together and Better Life Technology®, the manufacturer of G‑Floor® commercial and industrial grade roll out vinyl flooring, is doing its part to help combat the coronavirus with its new anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial flooring. In response to the needs of the medical sector, we’ve transitioned some of our workforce from manufacturing our traditional BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring®, commercial flooring and residential flooring to creating a special medical flooring with MicroLock Technology™ to provide a sterile environment for customers, patients and workers.          

Innovative G‑Floor® medical flooring provides a safe, durable, easy clean, free-floating flooring solution in response to the current needs of the healthcare industry:

  • Mobile hospital flooring
  • Mobile healthcare facility flooring
  • Mobile clinic flooring
  • Temporary and field hospital flooring
  • Pop up medical tent flooring
  • Medical testing facility flooring
  • Laboratory flooring
  • Mobile testing and mobile lab flooring
  • Medical recovery unit flooring
  • Temporary quarantine area flooring
  • EMS flooring
  • Ambulance flooring
  • Public safety flooring – government buildings, essential businesses, commercial and industrial flooring

How is G‑Floor® floor cover/protector for medical use different from typical healthcare vinyl flooring?

We are taking our standard 100% waterproof, solid polyvinyl black, white and grey flooring material and running it through our UV manufacturing processes for sanitation. Then we apply our toughest MicroLock Technology™ anti-microbial top coat to create an extra layer of protection from bacteria, mold, mildew and other harmful contaminants. This surface reduces staining and makes clean up easier, not to mention keeping your hospital floor looking like new much longer. Our commercial/industrial/medical flooring is the most durable, sterile and easy care flooring solution at a time when you need it most.    

What G‑Floor® medical flooring floor cover/protectors are available with anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial protection?

BLT quickly adjusted its American owned and operated manufacturing facility in Kansas to provide governments, medical centers and communities these environmentally sterile flooring options:  

Be sure to ask us about our commercial grade Wall Cladding with optional anti-microbial top coat suitable for medical partitions in mobile healthcare units. The G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media G‑Floor Graphic® line also offers a new anti-microbial/anti-fungal top coat product ideal for social distancing signage and markings, medical location wayfinding and safety flooring.

How else can healthcare facilities and medical workers benefit from G‑Floor® medical flooring?

1. Durability – G‑Floor® roll out vinyl flooring is known for its premium quality and long lasting performance under the harshest environments, the most demanding circumstances and the heaviest machinery and traffic. Our 100% polyvinyl waterproof flooring does not include any fillers that might breakdown with moisture and heavy use. This medical flooring resists scratching, tears, peeling and curling and its embossed, decorative surface will continue to look great shift after shift.

2. Protection – G‑Floor® medical flooring is rated for commercial and vehicle traffic, so you know it will protect from heavy medical equipment and thousands of busy feet. Our unique MicroLock Technology™ seals surfaces and reduces damage from blood, body fluids and other chemicals often found in healthcare settings.

3. Ease of Use – Our healthcare flooring is super easy to install; simply roll out and trim to fit with a utility knife. Easily move and reposition as needed. Cleans up with soap, water or vinyl safe cleaner.

4. Additional Safety and Comfort – The ceramic surface of G‑Floor medical flooring provides superior slip resistance and G‑Floor premium polyvinyl also offers sound buffering qualities and anti-fatigue benefits.

5. Limited Lifetime Warranty – During these uncertain times, BLT has the healthcare industry, hospital workers and front line responders covered.