8 Ways to Use New G‑Floor Graphic® Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Wayfinding in the Time of COVID-19, Social Distancing and Medical Emergency

Even in these uncertain times, G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media has you and your patrons’ best interests, health and safety at heart. Better Life Technology®, the creator and manufacturer of the innovative G‑Floor Graphic® product line, is introducing its new 50 Mil Clear durable floor graphics material offering an optional MicroLock Technology® top coat with an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial surface covering. During this pandemic, it is critical to provide a sterile environment for customers, patients and essential workers while helping them navigate the new normal and flatten the curve. Rest assured, G‑Floor Graphic® has you covered.

G‑Floor Graphic’s G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media Elite line of 50 Mil products is available in 2 Clear textures:

50 Mil Ceramic Clear 120” x 61’ roll

50 Mil Super Smooth Clear – 120” x 61’ roll

These products offer an optional MicroLock Technology™ Top Coat applied during manufacturing.

This tough marine grade top coat:

  • Seals surface for easy clean up
  • Is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Protects from staining
  • Improves UV resistance
  • Keeps flooring and custom floor graphics looking like new

The 50 mil Clear products are reverse printed so the custom graphic flooring cannot be damaged. This is a great solution for roll to roll printing with its improved flexibility for media transfer. The 50 Mil is lightweight, easy to handle and installs with ease. As with all G‑Floor Graphic® vinyl printable flooring, the 50 Mil products offer exceptional durability and versatility for any application.

We recommend this product for repositionable floor graphics, short and long term graphic floors, directional flooring, POP, counter top mats and full wall to wall commercial custom flooring and retail graphic floors. And now, more than ever, you can put its anti-microbial/anti-fungal sanitary characteristics to great use.

How Can You Use Durable Floor Graphics During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
1. Safety Flooring –
Regulate traffic flow, minimize crowding, maintain social distancing and use flooring for import safety messaging all while people are looking down at their phones and down at the floor. Use sanitary floors to keep workers, patients and customers safe while helping flatten the curve. In addition, G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media is comfortable to walk on and resists slips and falls. Simply vacuum or use soap and water to keep custom floor signage clean and environment sterile.

2. Temporary Flooring for Mobile Medical Units – G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media is repositionable, lightweight and recyclable. Healthcare facilities can move medical floor signage from hot spot to hot spot. Directional medical flooring is ideal for pop up medical tents, field hospitals, mobile testing sites, temporary laboratories, medical clinics, etc.  

3. Medical Wayfinding – It is extremely important in this time of crisis that people know their way in healthcare environments so the sick stay clear of the healthy, i.e. in doctor’s offices, pharmacies, walk-in clinics, and anywhere else medical flooring is needed. Use medical floor mats to direct to testing sites, laboratories, emergency rooms, restrooms, exits and denote those places that are off limits. Directional medical flooring can direct healthcare providers to much needed supplies, safety masks and PPE, and where to dispose of biohazardous materials.   

4. Repositionable Floor Signage for Essential Businesses – No doubt most businesses have had to change the way they interact with customers.Maybe nowhere is graphic flooring more essential than in grocery stores, drug stores, big box retailers and warehouse clubs that need to tell customers where to find cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, paper products and the like. Think custom graphic floors for POP, sale merchandise, quantity limits and checkout instructions when distance between patrons and employees is essential.  

5. Social Distancing Marking – Sometimes people need reminding on how to Stop the Spread. Utilize custom floor mats to show the distance of 6 feet. Designate how far apart shopping carts should be in checkout lines. The uses for graphic floor mats are unlimited during this uncertain time!

6. Custom Counter Top Mats – These are great branding and advertising tools, especially at the register. Print limited takeout menus, daily specials or an inspirational message and display vinyl printed mats where customers need to see them most. Use to place takeout orders or to exchange goods. Simply wipe off/sanitize after each transaction without having to wipe down entire surface.

7. Drive-thru Location Designations – Whether its medical signage for drive thru coronavirus testing or restaurant drive up wayfinding, our 50 Mil products are a safe bet to get your important messaging across and keep social distance and traffic flow moving in the right direction.  

8. Curbside Pickup Signage – With restaurant dining rooms closed in most of the U.S. and many parts of the world, food takeout is the only option. This is also ideal for pharmacies or other essential businesses emphasizing touchless delivery. Let patrons know where to wait and how your individual process works for maximum efficiency.

At this time of COVID-19, wayfinding, medical directional flooring and essential business signage will help all of us Slow the Spread.