BLT Launches New Solutions to Support the Medical Community in Fight Against Novel Coronavirus: Mobile Healthcare Flooring, Temporary Wall Cladding and Medical Wayfinding

In an effort to assist the medical industry in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, Better Life Technology® has quickly transitioned some of its workforce from manufacturing garage vinyl roll out flooring and vinyl print media products to producing environmentally sanitary options for commercial/industrial/medical flooring, wall cladding and wayfinding. By combining resources from our standard G‑Floor® formulation and adding our marine grade Anti-Microbial MicroLock Technology™, we have created a durable, safe solution to supply much needed products to front line responders. These new commercial/industrial grade vinyl products include an optional (in some cases) anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial top coat creating a comprehensive solution for:

Mobile Medical Units
Pop up Medical Tents

Field Hospitals
Temporary Testing Sites
Walk-up Clinics
Mobile Laboratories
Ambulance and EMS
and more!

What specific new vinyl solutions are available for the healthcare sector?

We are excited to do our part and to announce the following medical roll out flooring, mobile wall cladding and temporary hospital signage products.

G‑Floor® Medical Roll Out Flooring: Anti-Microbial / Anti-Fungal / Anti-Bacterial

In response to the coronavirus crisis, we are running some specific vinyl materials through a special UV sanitization process at the time of manufacturing. Then we apply our toughest MicroLock Technology™ top coat providing an extra layer of protection from harmful microbes, mold, mildew, bacteria and other contaminants to help you provide a more sterile environment for patients and workers. This innovative MicroLock top coat offers:

  • Surface seal for easy clean up
  • Reduced staining
  • Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial qualities
  • Improved UV resistance

G‑Floor® 50 Mil durable, waterproof medical flooring is available in a good-looking Ceramic texture that provides additional slip-resistance for safety. It is rated for commercial and vehicle traffic, meaning it will withstand extensive foot traffic and heavy medical equipment without showing wear. Our 100% solid polyvinyl healthcare flooring doesn’t crack, tear, peel or curl and is so easy to install; simply roll out and trim to fit. Choose from Absolute White, Midnight Black and Slate Grey available in 10’ x 61’ flooring rolls ideal for temporary medical units of all kinds.     

G‑Floor Graphic® G‑Floor Graphic® Printable Vinyl Flooring for Medical Wayfinding*

Think of the many uses for our G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media 50 Mil Clear custom graphic material. Use custom graphic floor mats over the G‑Floor® full medical floor to remind people of the 6 foot social distancing using floor signage. Incorporate directional signage for patients and employees to find check-in, temperature taking, insurance, lab, supplies and more. This durable floor graphic product is great for safety flooring, medical location designations and even counter top mats of every type and offers the same exceptional G‑Floor® performance, ease of use and slip resistance as mentioned above.

This solid vinyl custom graphic flooring is reverse printed so the image cannot be damaged. It is moveable healthcare flooring ideal for both short term and long term medical floor graphics. Available in printable vinyl rolls of 120” x 61’ through distributors and printers, our 50 Mil Clear product comes in a Ceramic or Super Smooth finish.

* Optional MicroLock Technology™ Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal Top Coat available

G‑Floor® Medical Wall Cladding for Mobile Units*

Manufactured with industrial strength vinyl, G‑Floor® Wall Cladding is a premium, durable vinyl wall covering that is waterproof and will resist tears, peeling and curling under heavy use and from shift to shift. If you need walls and partitions for medical tents, field hospitals and mobile hospital units, this is your solution. This White Wall Cladding is eco-friendly, repositionable (when used with the appropriate adhesive) and reusable. It protects from stains and easily cleans with a spray hose and/or vinyl safe cleaner. Our easy to install 35 Mil wall cladding comes in Absolute White with Ceramic surface texture in two sizes – 4’ 6” x 10’ and 6’ x 10’ – with or without pressure sensitive adhesive.  

* Optional MicroLock Technology™ Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal Top Coat available

Combine all three of these vinyl products – G‑Floor® full medical floor, G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media for repositionable floor signage and medical wayfinding, and G‑Floor temporary healthcare walls –in your pop up hospital, testing clinic or lab for quick cleaning all at one time. BLT wants to make your life a little better during this enormous strain our healthcare system.