How Wide is This Product? How Long is G‑Floor®?

Some online retailers and brick and mortar stores display garage flooringgarage floor mats and vinyl flooring rolls, including G‑Floor® Universal Flooring, in inches instead of feet. Because we use by the foot measurements (in most cases) on this website for G‑Floor vinyl floor rolls, we wanted to do the work of converting for you. This simple Feet to Inches Conversion Table should make comparing apples to apples easier and assist you in determining the right G‑Floor vinyl floor mat for your particular space.

Typical WidthsTypical Lengths

And of course, since G‑Floor roll out vinyl flooring isn’t used only in the garage, we hope this chart will help you in measuring smaller areas in your business or residence such as break rooms, trailers, modular units, basements, utility rooms, laundry rooms and so much more. Remember… No matter where and how you use the best, most durable, always versatile commercial and residential vinyl flooring, G‑Floor has your widths and lengths covered.