G-Floor New Drip & Dry Collection

Collage of G-Floor Drip and Dry absorbent mats in use

The revolutionary G-Floor® Drip & Dry Flooring has expanded to include new innovative products. We are thrilled to share with you the new additions, colors, and sizes for this product line which will exceed expectations. The wick-away absorbent technology in Drip & Dry is the practical solution for busy households and high-traffic areas. Here are the newest products from G-Floor!

New Drip & Dry Garage Flooring Sizes

The innovative, absorbent garage flooring you know and love now has additional sizes to fit your space perfectly! Absorbs and disperses liquids for a quick drying garage floor solution. New sizes in 8-1/2’ width allow you to cover more area for larger vehicles. New colors in Tan and Blue offer a nice selection to blend or create a vivid look for your garage or household space.

G-Floor Drip & Dry Runners

Absorbent Drip & Dry technology Runners are now offered in two new colors – Blue and Tan. Cover carpet, concrete, hardwood, and tile from wear, water, scratches, and dirt. Perfect for entryways and other high traffic areas needing durable protection. Sized to match common Garage Floor Mat lengths for adding additional coverage at an economical price.

Drip & Dry Restroom and Urinal Mats

Absorbent wick-away fiber technology helps keep bathroom messes contained inside the bathroom. Designed to preserve clean public facilities or private restrooms, these mats are the ultimate solution to maintaining a dry and clean restroom. G-Floor Restroom Mats can be placed in front of sinks, water fountains, potty training chairs, and more. The G-Floor Urinal mats are designed to fit perfectly in front of urinals. All of these Restroom Mats are offered in Grey, Blue and Tan.

Drip & Dry Pet Mats

The perfect mat for under pet food and water bowls to help keep mealtime messes contained and your floors protected. And the new Under Kennel Mat protects your carpet, tile, and wood floor from wear, scratches, marks and indentations from pets kennels. Now available in Grey, Blue and Tan in a 29” x 44” size.

New Pet Parent Kit

The ultimate bundle for new pet parents is here! Offered in a small or large size, these kits come with a 5×10 Levant Mat, a 29” x 44” Levant Kennel Mat, and a Drip & Dry Pet Bowl Mat. This kit is the perfect starter pack for anyone bringing home a new puppy or containing accidents from a senior dog.

G-Floor has a commitment to creating unmatched quality products and supplying customers with practical items to fill a need. These new Drip & Dry products are crafted to make your life easier and keep your floors protected. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into each incredible product!