What Makes Summer Boating so Addicting

From an OEM and dealer perspective, you are not just selling a boat you are selling a lifestyle. Here are some of my favorite reasons for boating so that you can capitalize on them and sell that to the consumer – along with G-Floor Outdoor & Marine Flooring, of course.
A wise person once said, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a boat”. For boaters, truer words have never been spoken.
Since February is the month of love, I can’t think of a better time to reflect on what makes boating so loveable. Boating in the early days was about transportation, moving people and goods from one place to another. Two hundred years ago, the average person wasn’t hauling their pontoon to the local lake and pulling the kids on a tube. The last hundred years have seen the renaissance of recreational boating. Boats are built for luxury and fun like never before. Here are the top 7 reasons why people are addicted to summer boating!  
Freedom  There is no feeling quite like being out on the open water. There are no lanes, no traffic lights and there is very little structure to your travel. There is nothing more fun than finding a remote cove, tossing out an anchor and hopping into a cool lake for a swim or throwing a line in whenever you want. Blasting the music and forgetting your troubles on land.  
Family  The memories and traditions made along the water with family are ones you never forget. Load the pontoon, pack your snacks and make sure to take pictures to look back on. It’s a great way to forget about the complex things in life and to focus on the beautiful surroundings.  
Watersports  The evolution of watersports over the last 30 years has been epic. From waterskies and wakeboards to tubes, there is something for everyone. Modern pontoon boats are built to haul and tow just about everything you can imagine. If you haven’t been to a watersports retailer in a few years, go now. The spread of products gets better each season.  
Lake People – Lake people are awesome! A different breed. Once they set foot on the boat, they let the fun loose. It’s a large community of people who enjoy the sun, family, and good company. It’s their simple path to happiness which is why the vessel they are on can accommodate their needs.  
Nature – There are so many beautiful lakes in this country, each filled with aquatic life, waterfowl, surrounding foliage and unique shorelines. The nature enthusiast enjoys a slow cruise through the beautiful scenery. They like to be comfortable along the water to admire their surroundings. They never let a sunset go unnoticed!
Fishing – Fishing is an expansion of the nature category, but slightly more involved.  A hobby that can take minutes or hours. Even when catching nothing, fisherman enjoy the thrill of seeing what they will reel in next. There is peace and relaxation found while casting and reeling a line in. From pontoon boats to fishing boats, they both can bring in a big one!
Naming your boat – Each one needs a name just like us! Most people don’t name their house or car, but they definitely name their boat. Walk to your local marina and absorb the creativity. Used boats often have names and it is bad luck to change them!
February will be over before you know it which means it is almost March. March means Spring. Spring is pretty much summer, so you need to get people interested in your boats now. Use this window of time to put some dazzling new G-Floor Outdoor & Marine Flooring on at least some of your boats and add the option of luxury and durability, with waterproof, no snag, scratch, and stain resistant G-Floor and add an increased profit margin for your company. Your brand will be the talk of the dock!