The Need-to-Know Basics of G‑Floor Graphic® Elite 50mil Printable Polyvinyl

G‑Floor Graphic® Elite 50mil polyvinyl print media is here to promote your next event, sale, or business with your desired vibrant images. Extremely durable, lightweight, solid polyvinyl is completely customizable with either first or second surface print. Elite 50mil is offered in 2 different textures and a variety of colors.

G-Floor Graphic printed grass
  1. Ceramic
  • The Ceramic texture is compared to an orange peel. It provides a perfect amount of traction for a slip resistant surface which is needed for guests and heavy foot traffic.
  • The color options in Ceramic are Absolute White, Midnight Black, and Slate Grey which are all top surface printed. Choosing one of these colors can give images the perfect amount of ‘pop’.
  • Ceramic also comes in clear which is reverse printed on the bottom side (Second Surface) and provides the thickest wear layer in the industry by protecting images.


  1. Super Smooth™
  • Super Smooth is just that- Super Smooth. A white, blank, textureless surface lets the imagination work its magic while displaying eye-catching images.


Elite 50mil works best with Solvent, Latex, and UV inks on a variety of printers. While Clear is recommended for outdoor use, solid colors can be used indoor and outdoor to provide a wide range of applications!