How PhoneSoap Helps Schools Become a Cleaner Environment for Kids, Teachers and the Family at Home

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As mask mandates are being lifted and schools are going back to in person classes, we think about the germs and viruses that lurk around the corner. Schools are a feeding ground for bacteria. Children touch their mouths and faces then touch things around the classroom spreading germs left and right. PhoneSoap offers a line of disinfection products to make students, parents, and teachers feel safe and give peace of mind. There are two products from PhoneSoap in particular that schools around the world should have…

  1. HomeSoap
  • The HomeSoap sanitizes anything that fits inside. By using UV-C lights, it kills 99.99% of germs in ten minutes without using heat, liquids, or harsh chemicals.    
  • Between all the products PhoneSoap has to offer, the HomeSoap has the largest capacity inside to sanitize bigger items such as calculators, tablets, headphones, remotes, pencil boxes, and any other non-porous items. 
  • It’s ecofriendly by eliminating the need for disinfectant wipes and gloves. 


  • The AirSoap differs from the other products in that it captures and kills 99.99% of any airborne viruses and germs in up to a 400 square foot range within an hour. 
  • The AirSoap is whisper quiet making it perfect for classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, etc. 
  • AirSoap is ecofriendly; it uses reusable washable plates instead of filters like HEPA that can become costly overtime. 

Breathe easy knowing PhoneSoap helps children learn in a clean, stress free environment while also protecting their families at home!