Top 10 Reasons G‑Floor® Equipment Mats are the Best Floor Protector Mat for Your Gym

Better Life Technology®, the creator and manufacturer of G‑Floor® floor protector mats, is known for producing the most durable polyvinyl floor coverings in the industry. BLT and G‑Floor® have done it again with a vinyl floor mat designed specifically to protect gym floors* from heavy workout equipment damage.

What makes G‑Floor® Equipment Mat the top gym floor protector?

  1. Solid, premium vinyl construction for long lasting performance and floor protection.
  2. Protects gym flooring from costly repairs from denting, scratching, carpet tears, snags and more.
  3. Waterproof, mold-resistant and stain-resistant to reduce damage from sweat, water spills, oils, chemicals and more.
  4. Two sizes – 32” x 72” and 36” x 84” – ideally fit under most popular workout equipment: ellipticals, cardio and weight machines, treadmills, bikes and trainers of every kind.
  5. Easy to install; just unroll; no adhesive necessary; cut to size with utility knife for custom fit.
  6. Easy to clean; simply use soap, water, vinyl safe cleaner or vacuum.
  7. Available in 75 Mil with Ceramic textured topcoat in 3 versatile colors – Midnight Blake, Slate Grey and Clear – for commercial fitness centers and home gyms.
  8. Slip-resistant for exerciser safety.
  9. Lightweight; repositionable; recyclable. Low VOC for improved air quality and environmental protection.
  10. Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

*Recommended for use on hard floor surfaces and commercial grade, low pile carpet. G‑Floor® Equipment Mats also protect expensive fitness machinery from carpet dust and particles Save time and money today with the G‑Floor® Equipment Mat for gyms and fitness centers!