How To Use Graphics For Holiday 2020: 10 Festive Ways to Boost Sales and Awareness

Study after study equates great holiday retail signage to more in-store shoppers and larger purchases. During the biggest retail season of the year, 2020 holiday graphics can make or break your year in a year where every dollar counts. Don’t miss your opportunity to lure consumers into your shop and give them a reason to buy additional products.

To use graphics for the holidays, keep them classy without making them too gaudy, overdone or salesy. Incorporate your branding with your holiday messaging to create brand recognition long after the holidays are over. Always keep in mind that customers celebrate the holiday season in many different ways, so more general winter scenes, colors and imagery are a safe way to resonate with every kind of shopper.

Decorate your store for the holidays with these commercial custom graphics ideas:

1. Convert COVID signage to holiday themes – Chances are it is time to replace your original Wear Mask signs, 6 Ft. Social Distancing Markings, Curbside Pickup Messaging and more. Add holiday graphics to your new custom vinyl decals and floor graphics.

2. Holiday Directional Flooring and Wayfinding – Show customers the way to sales, restrooms, dressing rooms, registers, etc. using clever holiday messaging.

3. POP and Endcap Displays – Promote specials, products and seasonal items with bold graphic floors, banners and hanging fabric signs.

4. Holiday Indoor/Outdoor Mats and Banners – Grab them as they walk past your establishment and invite them inside.

5. In-Store Banners for the Holidays – Use graphic fabric backdrops, display systems, visual merchandising and banner stands to draw attention to specific areas.

6. Create Points for User Generated Content – Design photo opportunities with hashtags to reach even more consumers via social media. Think Santa, sleighs, ice rinks… let your imagination run wild!

7. Counter Mats at Register – Custom vinyl mats with holiday artwork helps with COVID checkout protocols as well as selling last minute purchases at point of sale.

8. Branded Floor Graphics – Vinyl print media with seasonal themes strategically placed throughout the store will raise awareness and invent a friendly atmosphere.

9. Pop Up Stores and Stores Within a Store – ‘Tis the time to designate areas specifically for holiday items, winter merchandise and once a year products.

10. Window Displays – Unique holiday window displays are a year end tradition. Use graphic vinyl flooring and printable fabrics to develop a holiday-themed window to showcase highly-desirable merchandise.

Remember… The holiday season is not limited to just Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s. You can use these same strategies throughout the year for Easter, Summer, 4th of July and other major holidays. G‑Floor Graphic® Polyvinyl Print Media and G‑Floor Graphic® Fabric Print Media offer a product for every season and reason!