How to Present G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media to Your Customer

  1. Revolutionary G‑Floor Graphic® Print Media is a one-of-a-kind 100% polyvinyl material available for all types and sizes of customers wanting to print custom graphics for floors. There is no project too big or too small for G‑Floor Graphic Print Media.  Our product is available in multiple sizes and can be converted to sheets for the best project yield.

Better Life Technology (BLT), the manufacturer of G‑Floor Graphic Print Media, markets to a network of authorized, high-quality distributors who then sell the product to printers using a variety of grand format printing, UV, Digital, Solvent, Screen and Sheet Fed techniques to exude amazing, clear, sharp custom graphic flooring. Our end users – commercial customers, retailers, ad agencies, creative designers, architects and branding consultants to name just a few – find our unique product through our distributors, certified printers and/or BLT.

Savvy customers are using G‑Floor Graphic for brand building, PR, custom print POP, POS, directional signage, tradeshow and event flooring, pole wraps, counter mats, temporary or permanent floor mats, theater flooring, wall-to-wallprinted floors and so much more. Quite frankly, the uses and capabilities for G‑Floor Graphic Print Media are only limited by customers’ imagination and creativity!

The bottom line is… you should never miss an opportunity to present G‑Floor Graphic during any meeting with your particular customer. Innovative G‑Floor Graphic Print Media is different from other competitors’ printable mediums and our standout selling points include:

  • BLT got its start manufacturing 100% solid, premium polyvinyl flooring over 20 years ago. What started as the #1 garage floor protector, G‑Floor® Universal Flooring vinyl flooring rolls and vinyl flooring mats, expanded outside the garage into a multitude of commercial, residential, mobile and marine applications.
  • Just as our other vinyl flooring products are tough enough to drive a car on, so is G‑Floor Graphic, which makes our custom printed graphic flooring the most durable on the market. Our printable vinyl flooring lasts longer and withstands massive foot traffic and excessive wear and tear better. Can you make the same claim about floor stickers?
  • Our vinyl printing product is manufactured in the USA without the use of paper fillers, foams, clay or other fibers which can deteriorate quicker over time if exposed to water. G‑Floor Graphic is water-, mold- and mildew-proof.
  • G‑Floor Graphic offers customers unparalleled creative flexibility. Choose from clear, white, solid colored or textured vinyl printable mediums. Our custom vinyl printing productis available in widths up to 10 feet to cover larger spaces, although printing options are available for any size and shape. Available in multiple thicknesses – 35 mil, 50 mil, 75 mil, and 85 mil– G‑Floor Graphic provides lightweight options for greater mobility as well as heavier flooring for customers needing extreme longevity and more anti-fatigue benefits. G‑Floor Graphic printable flooring can be temporary or permanently installed depending on the project and need.
  • Client’s custom graphic images are protected by the toughest wear layer in the industry (up to 75 mil). When used indoors, personalized flooring won’t wear down, peel, scratch, crack or tear.
  • Unlike other indoor flooring options, G‑Floor Graphic has minimal expansion and contraction issues.
  • Polyvinyl G‑Floor Graphic flooring is slip and stain resistant.
  • G‑Floor Graphic  vinyl print products easily clean with just water, or with mild detergent, a broom, mop, vacuum, or other cleaning tool.

G‑Floor Graphic gives customers the option of bringing their eye-level wall creativity to the floor. Graphic imaged floors,  vinyl custom graphics and anywhere in between, G‑Floor Graphic has it covered.

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