It’s Boat Show Season! Look for the Many Boat Dealers Carrying AquaTread® Marine Flooring as their Pontoon Flooring of Choice

Boat shows are popping up all over the country from Florida to New England to the Northwest. There’s a boat show coming to a major city near you soon.

If they are showing any kind of pontoon boats, chances are you will find a pontoon boat and a boat dealer featuring AquaTread® Marine Flooring. Be sure to ask boat dealers about AquaTread Marine Flooring as you are browsing the latest boats, boat accessories and pontoon flooring options. AquaTread is the world’s most durable boat flooring and the #1 pontoon boat flooring available. If you are looking for a new boat or products to help you restore your existing watercraft, high-quality, low maintenance, good-looking AquaTread Marine Flooring needs to be on your radar.

Here are more reasons to search out AquaTread Marine Flooring:

* Manufactured in the USA of premium, ultra-durable polyvinyl, AquaTread lasts for years.

* Non-woven material won’t snag from dog nails or fish hooks, and won’t dent from anchors.

* Seamless, solid material offers superb moisture protection.

* AquaTread is resistant to oils, gas and other spills common to watercrafts.

* It is odor-resistant to marine and fish scents.

* Quick and easy to clean up.

* AquaTread is slip-resistant and flame retardant.

* Polyvinyl is cooler to the touch than other pontoon products.

* Five-year limited warranty.

AquaTread comes in nearly two dozen stunning and new exclusive patterns as part of its imaged boat flooring lineup. Our head-turning, clear images are designed to resemble rich teak, authentic holly and other high-end hardwoods as well as a 3D honeycomb pattern. AquaTread is also available in striking solid colored flooring for pontoon boats and custom options are available.

Unlike other boat flooring materials on the market, AquaTread prints underneath a 75 mil, UV-resistant polyvinyl, not on top or in between, so AquaTread’s patterns cannot be scratched off or damaged by heavy foot traffic, excessive wear and tear or too much fun in the sun.

AquaTread is already a top marine flooring and pontoon flooring pick for OEMs, so if you are in the market for a new watercraft, be sure to ask for AquaTread Marine Flooring by name. If you are restoring your boat and updating your pontoon flooring, AquaTread is also available through dealers and online. It is super easy to install – simply roll out and trim to fit. AquaTread comes with a Spun bound backing to grab adhesive and provide more cushioning.

Look for and insist your boat flooring is nothing less than AquaTread Marine Flooring – the world’s most durable boat flooring and the #1 pontoon boat flooring