Top Benefits of the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats

Millions of workers perform jobs that require standing on hard surfaces like concrete for long hours in a day. Millions more stand for over 40 minutes at a time making dinner, performing household chores and doing work around the garage and home. Designed to move, the human body wasn’t built to stand in one place for long periods without feeling negative effects.

Finding the best anti-fatigue mat is an extremely efficient solution that provides many long term benefits. Turn to G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats, the best-cushioned mats, and the best solution to a healthier, less stressed, more productive YOU. The advantages to premium, durable G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats are many:

Better Overall Health
When standing all day, our bodies defy gravity causing tension to the muscles. And that’s only the beginning. Standing all day leads to reoccurring leg and foot problems, varicose veins, knee and hip arthritis, neck and shoulder stiffness, and a long list of other ailments and musculoskeletal disorders. Apart from headaches, back pain is one of the most common visits to the doctor and one of the toughest to treat health problems worldwide. In addition, G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats work to improve:

  • Spine and Posture issues
  • Blood Circulation throughout the body

G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats save workers many future health problems, missed days at work and higher insurance costs. Better overall health is a win-win for everyone!

Offers Resistance and Shock Absorption
Unforgiving floors cause our spines to strain and work overtime to remain in balance. Working like an ergonomic mat, G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats absorb the pressure put on neck, shoulders, back and lower extremities, helping release the resistance and tension caused by standing in the same position. Research shows that a top anti-fatigue mat, such as G‑Floor®, relieves spinal compression up to 40%.

Reduces Stress and Fatigue
Even walking on hard floors causes foot fatigue, so you can only imagine the consequences of standing on surfaces like concrete, hardwood, linoleum or tile for any length of time. Just like our name implies, G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats lessen body fatigue. Your entire body has less stress put on it and this allows your blood to flow without any restrictions. And when you are less fatigued, you are less stressed and happier overall.

Improves Productivity
When you are more comfortable and pain-free, you are much more productive with the task at hand. Study after study confirms the benefits of cushioned mats and comfort mats in the home and workplace. Made in the USA of 1/2-inch cushioned closed-cell foam, G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats improve efficiency for cashiers, hosts, bank tellers, cooks, dishwashers, warehouse workers, employees with standing desks and so many others.

 Prevents Accidents
Manufactured with a premium, durable 100% polyvinyl Diamond Tread textured wear layer, G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats are waterproof and provide added traction for better safety in commercial and residential environments. Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of home and workplace injuries and is a leading cause of death in the elderly.

Decreases Product Damage
If you are working with fragile materials like glass, anti-fatigue mats cushion drops and limit breakage. Cushioned mats allow products to bounce off, unlike a hard surface.

Absorbs Sound and Vibrations
The best anti-fatigue mats also help reduce the noise and movements associated with heavy machinery and everyday appliances, adding to a more enjoyable, stress-free space.

Economical, Easy and Effective Solution
G‑Floor® Anti-Fatigue Mats are an affordable investment in your health, happiness and productivity. Our high-quality comfort mats take little time to roll-out and require no adhesive so you can move them from place to place with ease. They are just as easy to maintain; simply clean with a broom or water. Because G‑Floor® is engineered-differently without layers and substandard fillers, your G-Floo®r Anti-Fatigue Mats have the toughest wear layer in the industry. You’ll enjoy years of service and comfort from the best anti-fatigue mats on the market today.