For Cannabis Cultivation… Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Better Life Technology’s (BLT) groundbreaking greenhouse products are helping indoor growers keep contaminants, debris and pests out of grow rooms resulting in a much healthier crop and more prosperous yield. Combining GrowFloor® greenhouse flooring with GrowWall™ greenhouse wall covering creates the ultimate growroom experience. Cultivating a clean harvest is important to all planters nowadays, but is especially critical for the unique cannabis growing market.

BLT’s next generation greenhouse coverings are specially-engineered in the USA of thick, durable, 100% polyvinyl. GrowFloor and GrowWall are constructed of ultra-reflective, white polyvinyl with a CERAMIC™ surface and high-gloss top coat. This makes spotting pests, dirt and debris easy.

Super simple to install, GrowFloor and GrowWall create a sterile, air-tight seal inside your grow room mimicking a lab-like environment. Our polyvinyl is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and waterproof.

Because our solid polyvinyl construction does not contain layers, fillers or laminates that deteriorate more quickly throughout the vinyl product, GrowFloor and GrowWall aren’t susceptible to tearing, cracking, splitting, curling, etc. That means water doesn’t get inside the coverings to create harmful mold and mildew.

GrowFloor and GrowWall repel damaging UV rays and glare, preventing hot spots. Our greenhouse coverings are purposefully-designed to support the entire light spectrum, increasing lighting efficiency 400% over other greenhouse coverings by evenly reflecting your light sources throughout the growroom space. With insulating qualities that reduce heat and improve cooling throughout your greenhouse, you actually cut down on lighting and cooling costs.

Our products are extremely easy to clean when needed; just use a damp mop, hose off or utilize a vinyl-safe cleaner. Our Grow line is so low maintenance, you’ll spend less money and more time on your plants. It’s eco-friendly, repositionable and reusable, too. So the result is a cleaner cannabis crop and an even greener return on your investment.

Greenhouse Flooring