Ultra-durable G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine® flooring is the leading seamless, UV stable vinyl flooring for all your recreational needs.

New Premier Patterns take to the floor

G-Floor Outdoor & Marine flooring welcomes new patterns to the Premier Collection, with increased UV resistance & extreme durability.

Pressure Washing – Can G-Floor® Outdoor & Marine flooring be pressure washed?

The beauty of having vinyl marine flooring instead of carpet is that cleaning and maintenance is a breeze! Although spraying down your boat and washing it should be a regular chore, sometimes we forget or don’t have time.

Say Goodbye to Hot Feet and Hello to Cooler Toes with G-Floor® Outdoor & Marine!

Say Goodbye to Hot Feet and Hello to cool Toes with G-Floor® Outdoor & Marine Flooring! The switch from carpet boat flooring to vinyl raises the concern will my feet burn? After hours in the sun, marine carpeting DOES get hot and so does vinyl. But which one retains more...


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