Elevate Your Booth at the Next Tradeshow with G-Floor Graphic

G-Floor Graphic Tradeshow Flooring

Your booth can stand out from the rest with vibrant floor graphics! G-Floor Graphic helps you create custom full floor mats or eye-catching wayfinding. Here are the top three reasons why G-Floor Graphic should be in your next booth!

Pressure Washing – Can G-Floor® Outdoor & Marine flooring be pressure washed?

power wash boat flooring

The beauty of having vinyl marine flooring instead of carpet is that cleaning and maintenance is a breeze! Although spraying down your boat and washing it should be a regular chore, sometimes we forget or don’t have time.

Long Lasting 35 Mil Floor Graphics are Here!

g-floor graphic floor sticker

It’s time for eye catching graphics that are stronger, vibrant, and long-lasting! The 35 Mil G-Floor Graphic® vinyl lasts up to 36 months as opposed to the 4–6-month floor decals that will leave you scraping up what’s left after half has peeled up on its own. Here’s why 35 Mil G-Floor® graphics are the best, high-quality and durable floor graphics on the market.