Waterproof in a world of water

Water and anchor on waterproof marine flooring

Water is wonderful, until it’s not. As an OEM or refurbisher, the biggest problem you face is how to protect the boat from water damage. Fortunately, the marine industry has found innovative ways to protect vessels while they are surrounded by, and inundated with, water.

The pontoon industry has undergone huge changes over the last 40 years. Boats from the 80’s and earlier quickly deteriorated due to sun and water damage. Those older boats were notorious for rotting floors, decaying carpet, and substandard electrical fixtures. A top-of-the-line new boat could be the nicest on the lake for as little as three years before giving way to exposure. After those long summers in the sun, the seats were baked and faded, the carpet pulled away, the electronics failed, and soft spots began to appear in the decking.

Today we have the ability to ward off that rapid deterioration. Vinyl seats are manufactured to be more suitable for the marine environment. Decks are made from higher quality plywood. Most importantly, the industry has moved away from carpet floors.

Carpet was the standard for decades, but boaters ran into many pitfalls. First, everything sticks to it, leaves, sticks, fish scales, fish hooks, and dog hair. Second, as a porous surface, water would soak in and saturate the carpet. Mold and mildew would set in and accelerate the breakdown of both the carpet and the plywood beneath it.

One of the most significant developments in the pontoon industry is seamless vinyl flooring. Marine polyvinyl, like the G-Floor Outdoor & Marine, is impermeable to water. The top is a clear vinyl wear layer welded to a fibrous backing. The fibrous backing helps create a strong bond with the glue to essentially make the vinyl and plywood one. The seamless floor assures moisture is kept out, protecting, and increasing the life of the plywood subfloor. Not only does it keep out moisture, but it reduces staining. A spilled glass of red wine can easily be washed away without worrying about it soaking into the floor.

A key point to remember is that not all marine vinyl is created equal. Most woven vinyl is porous and can lead to many of the same issues seen with carpet in the past. Woven vinyl does not protect your subfloor from moisture penetration the way that G-Floor Outdoor & Marine does.

The next step in the evolution of boat flooring is G-Floor Outdoor & Marine. If you’re seeking a product that is easy to clean and provides long lasting protection for your subfloor, then G-Floor Outdoor & Marine is your solution!