G-Floor Graphic Print: White vs Clear – Consider These Factors Before Choosing

In the world of print media, it can be tough to choose “the one” – the print media that can level up your brand for any application. G-Floor Graphic vinyl offers a clear or solid white option to bring your vision to life. First, you’ll want to understand what your customers’ expectations are for the material, and then understand how your printing capabilities can help drive them to the right choice.  Let’s dive into what makes the different G-Floor Graphic products the right choice for your project!

What is the application?

Both the clear and white options offer a wide range of applications and are repositionable! Clear is a great solution for indoor concerts, commercial and retail flooring, point of purchase areas, counter displays, trade shows, car dealerships, floor infographics in educational and museum flooring, theaters, arenas and more. The image is protected by a UV-inhibited wear layer which will last for years without the image wearing down, fading, scratching, tearing, cracking or peeling. White is perfect for outdoor events, tradeshows, POP flooring, event floor branding, wayfinding floor graphics, sales and promotional flooring, niche graphic flooring for doorways and so much more. White can also be a perfect solution for graphics with a fair amount of white in them to make first surface printing more economical since you aren’t printing the white.

Will it be used Indoor or Outdoor?

When choosing G-Floor Graphic, it’s important to consider where your application will be. If interested in Clear, keep in mind that because graphics are printed on the bottom, they will be more suited for indoor use on a clean floor. Alternatively, because images are printed on top of White G-Floor Graphic, they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

First vs Second Surface Printing

Clear is second surface printed meaning the graphics are reverse printed on the bottom side of the vinyl making them a great choice for long term applications. Clear will withstand heavy foot traffic all while your vibrant images stay protected. White is first surface printed meaning graphics are printed on top of the vinyl. White is designed for shorter, 3-12 month, applications. This method can withstand heavy foot traffic as well. 

Printing Machine Capabilities

When selecting vinyl and locating a printer, find out if the printer has white ink capabilities. If the answer is yes, then most of the time the second surface print on Clear vinyl has the durable clear wear layer to protect the image. If not, use White G-Floor Graphic. There is no need for white ink capabilities or the need to paint a layer of white on the back which would require extra time, space, and labor. The technology in printers has come a long way, and a quick scratch test can ensure that there is a strong bond when printing first surface on White. Both materials can be printed with solvent, UV, and latex inks.

Durability and Wear Layer

Both products are made from the same, durable materials. The 100% vinyl creates a perfect base for resilient, vivid graphics. The difference in wear layer depends on if the printing is done using the first or second surface print. Second surface will give a much more durable graphic as it is completely protected by the flooring. 

Smooth Texture

If on the hunt for a smooth, satin texture, G-Floor Graphic offers White in Super Smooth to make custom images and graphics look sleek!

G-Floor Graphic wants to help your brand and business be something that catches everyone’s eye. Know that you have the knowledge to select Clear or White, order yours today and create something incredible!