Top Boat Shows for 2024

Chicago Boat Show

It is now boat show season and I encourage everyone in the boating industry to attend as many as you can! Now is the time to get out and see all of the newest trends in the pontoon boat market. For us, at Better Life Technology/G-Floor, there is nothing better than seeing our supreme quality marine flooring on the best-looking boats at the show.

If you are in the business of restoring boats, now is the time to hit the shows and take some notes. Flooring on a pontoon is one of the single most important features of the boat. Our flooring has unique style and durability unlike any other flooring in the marine market.

Most people in the industry attend their local shows either as an exhibitor or as customer. This is great way to network in your local community. Another thing you might want to consider is to attend a boat show out of your area. This will give you the opportunity to learn if there are any new trends coming to the pontoon boat world.

Here is a list of my top boat shows in the USA for 2024:

  • Detroit Boat Show – January 27 – February 4
  • Tulsa, OK – January 29 – February 4
  • Charlotte, NC – February 8 – 11
  • Indianapolis, IN – February 16 – 18
  • St. Charles Boat Show – February 29 – March 3
  • Dallas, TX – March 7-10
  • Salt Lake City, UT  – March 21-24
  • Los Angeles, CA – April 5 – 7

Before the show, I will check the show website and make a list of those booths that are most interesting. At the shows you can connect with manufacturers, dealers and customers. I like to go during the week when the show is slow and take my time walking the floor. Usually, the folks working the show are very helpful and willing to share information. If you restore pontoon boats, you might seek out other canvas shops or restoration companies that replace pontoon boat flooring. Check the shops website to see what services they supply. Many larger restoration shops sell polyvinyl pontoon boat flooring at a wholesale level. If you are a small shop, you might be able to buy though them or check out our where to buy page.

Get out, see some boats and get ready to install some awesome G-Floor boat flooring this spring. Your customers will be stoked for summer!!