Today on this 50th Earth Day and Every Day, We Care about the Planet and our Environment

As the manufacturer of vinyl garage flooring, multi-purpose flooring and vinyl wall coverings, Better Life Technology (BLT) exists to fulfill the needs of Earth’s growing population. As a company, we strive to successfully meet this challenge in an environmentally-sustainable manner. Today, on Earth Day and on every other day of the year, BLT continues to improve on its existing green initiatives with the goal of creating more while leaving less of an impact on our home.

You might be asking right about now: Are vinyl products recyclable? Is vinyl sustainable? How does BLT engineer a more eco-friendly vinyl?

As a globally-conscious company, we think green from our initial concept all the way to the installation and maintenance of our final vinyl flooring rolls and vinyl floor mats. Take a look at how we approach the sustainability of vinyl products:

Purposeful Design

Since 1988, BLT has been designing durable vinyl flooring products that outperform and outlast competitors. Our 100% premium polyvinyl construction does not include any fillers, papers, foams, laminates or thin top layers. Water can’t penetrate our product, so it lasts much longer without deterioration. As a result, you won’t need to replace for years, saving resources and the environment.

From the beginning, our founder created a low maintenance vinyl flooring that was easy to install and clean. BLT’s products simply clean with soap; no harmful chemicals needed. Most our vinyl flooring products are free-floating without the need for adhesive, and they are repositionable, reusable and recyclable.

Designed with insulating characteristics, G‑Floor® Universal Flooring, AquaTread® Marine Flooring and G‑Floor Graphic Print Media™, can actually help save energy and reduce utility costs.

The latest additions to the BLT family, GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ greenhouse coverings, encourage organic growing, helping indoor gardening enthusiasts grow more with less. They, too, are repositionable, reusable and recyclable.

Manufacturing with Heart

It may surprise you to learn that the vinyl manufacturing process actually uses less energy than many of our flooring competitors. PVC resin is derived from two of nature’s most abundant resources: natural gas and salt, both readily available in America. BLT’s headquarters are centrally located in the USA in Kansas for convenient, fuel-saving shipping and receiving of products. As a corporation, we follow and strive to exceed all quality standards and green manufacturing processes.  

Reuse and Repurpose

Although there are other products easier to recycle, the vinyl industry along with BLT, are addressing vinyl recycling with forward-looking initiatives. Vinyl is recyclable and has been for decades. PVC and Plastic #3 get melted down and repurposed in hundreds of second generation products. A recent survey sponsored by The Vinyl Institute found some 1 billion+ pounds of pre- and post-consumer vinyl recycled annually, and that continues to grow leaps and bounds every year.

Thinking outside the box, literally, we recycle and reuse the boxes our materials arrive in, as well as provide them to others to be repurposed. BLT also recaptures and reuses polyvinyl whenever possible. Around the office and at our plant, BLT associates recycle paper, plastic cups and bottles, print from computers only when necessary, and so much more to create a greener work environment.

To commemorate Earth Day 2020, we encourage you to get outside and maybe even enjoy the water. Or maybe take on a garage organization project where you clean out and recycle unused items by donating to charity. Consider planning an Earth Day event to build environmental awareness. And start growing organically for yourself and the planet. Do something positive for our home this April 22nd!