How AquaTread® Marine Grade Vinyl Flooring has the ‘Weave Without the Snag’

Woven boat flooring has gained in popularity in recent years because it brings the luxurious textile looks of the land onto the sea. Weaves look great covering pontoon floors, but true woven boat flooring has some disadvantages, especially on water.

AquaTread® Marine Flooring is 100% polyvinyl marine-grade flooring that simulates the beauty of real fabric weaves but is actually a non-woven boat flooring surface. Learn how AquaTread non-woven marine flooring wins every time when it comes to pontoon boat flooring.

How does AquaTread® look like woven flooring for boats and pontoons, but isn’t?

American-made AquaTread® Marine Flooring is engineered differently than other vinyl roll out flooring to outlast and outperform other marine flooring options on the market. AquaTread is solid, seamless, waterproof vinyl boat flooring that is protected by an advanced marine grade top coat.

Basically, AquaTread®’s meticulously-designed, high-quality images are printed underneath the vinyl, not on top or in between, like some other vinyl boat flooring. Because these images are protected by an industry-leading wear layer, AquaTread®’s faux-weave pontoon flooring designs withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy foot traffic without deteriorating for years.

As an added benefit, AquaTread®’s improved marine grade top coat has MicroLock Technology™. What does that mean for you?

This marine grade vinyl top coat was designed for harsh marine environments. AquaTread®’s top coat:

  • Has a UV-inhibitor built in for long-term color and image retention
  • Prevents images from fading or wearing off
  • Resists microbes, mold and mildew
  • Reduces staining and odors, and makes cleaning easier
  • Provides anti-blush characteristics so wet towels, swim suits, coolers, life jackets, etc. won’t leave marks
  • Offers heat reduction qualities
  • Keeps floor looking like new for years to come!

 So, why does non-woven marine vinyl win vs. woven marine flooring?

As we mentioned above, vinyl is the most durable flooring for pontoon boats. While some luxury weave boat flooring touts its use of vinyl and all the redeeming characteristics that go with it, the marine flooring still has a textile top, and maybe has vinyl backing or layers with vinyl in them. Because AquaTread® Marine Flooring for boats and pontoons is polyvinyl through and through without any fibers, grains and cloth, AquaTread®:

1. Won’t snag from fish hooks, dog nails and other sharp objects like weaved fabrics. AquaTread®’s non-woven vinyl also will not crack, flake, peel or dent from heavy anchors, coolers and more.

2. Is anti-microbial so it will not rot, mold, mildew or otherwise deteriorate as quick as other weaved boat flooring that is not entirely waterproof. Microbes have a tendency to get in between textile weaves, eventually raising havoc inside and below boat flooring.

3. Has a non-porous surface that makes it much easier to clean than pontoon flooring with fibers. AquaTread® resists oils, gas and marine chemicals and is stain resistant and odor resistant. Not a lot of fiber flooring options for boats can make these claims.

4. Is more comfortable underfoot, especially in bare feet, because it does not have uncomfortable raised grains to walk on. Our thick, top boat flooring comes with the Levant™ soft, buttery, leather-like surface texture for comfort and slip-resistance. AquaTread® also offers a cushiony Spun bound backing for added support and for grabbing glue tight for ease of DIY installation.

5. Is cooler to the touch than other items on the boat. After a day in the hot sun, AquaTread® registered as much as 13 degrees cooler on feet than the woven flooring.

What woven looks do I have to choose from with AquaTread®?

AquaTread®’s Simplicity Collection is the home to our faux-weaved premium marine flooring. Simplicity is inspired by the land’s appreciation of high-end, upscale flooring. Simplicity offers chic weaves and trendy textiles without high cost or maintenance. Simplicity “weaves without the snag” available on this website include:

While you’re shopping our fine weave looks, be sure to check out our Premier Woods Collection and our standard Solid Collection. AquaTread® is the #1 non-woven pontoon boat flooring choice for OEMs, dealers, renovators and DIY boating owners. Fall is a great time to think about pontoon refurbishing so you’ve got a renovated boat come next season!