GrowFloor™ Hits the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a hot topic everywhere you turn. From various oils and medical treatment to recreational use, the growth of the cannabis industry is occuring rapidly. Whether you are on the consumer end or doing the growing, quality is most likely at the top of your list.

When HOW you grow your product matters equally as much as how much you yield, GrowFloor™ by Better Life Technology is the solution to creating a lab-like environment. G‑Floor’s ground-breaking, sterile GrowFloor™ product line seals your growing space from a variety of outside contaminants so you sow a higher quality product and grow more with less time and expense.

GrowFloor™ is a unique addition to the G‑Floor® Universal Flooring family, providing the horticultural market with a premium, durable, solid polyvinyl flooring product that actually helps enhance the growing process. It is ideal for large greenhouses, individual gardeners, cannabis growers (where legal), traditional indoor farmers or those utilizing hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic and organic methods.

Why GrowFloor™?

  • Seals growing space for an air-tight, lab-like environment
  • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial
  • Keeps out bugs and other outdoor contaminants
  • Resistant to UV rays, water and mold
  • Slip resistant
  • Resists abrasions; won’t scratch or tear
  • Easy to install
  • Spray clean with a power washer or garden hose; wipes clean with household and vinyl-safe garden cleaners
  • Reusable/recoverable so can move to different facilities
  • Cushioned for walking/standing; anti-fatigue qualities
  • Economical, cost effective without the waiting delays between applications
  • Eco-friendly

GrowFloor™ comes in white polyvinyl rolls or mats and is textured with a CERAMIC™ finish and a resilient high-gloss top coat. Its 0.075” (1.9 mm) thick construction provides an insulating barrier not found in Mylar films, epoxy coatings or paint, and also protects your floors from deteriorating water and heat.