G-Floor Laborer

This position is responsible for basic tasks relating to the manufacture, packaging and shipment of G-Floor product.

  • Stocking G-Floor finished goods as they come off of the extrusion lines: product may be palletized, stored on trailers ,or rolled flat on the plant floor
  • Pulling G-Floor finished goods stock for shipment based on written work orders: this process requires the ability to identify the required product, verify quality and dimensions, and prepare for packaging based on job specifications
  • Preparing finished goods for shipment including: rolling, labeling, and packaging based on written work orders; this job is responsible for final quality control check including qualities like pattern, color, dimensions, and packaging

Position Requirements:

    • Ability to learn the basics about our products including qualities like: color, pattern, size, thickness
    • Ability to read and use a tape measure
    • Basic understanding of English: reading and writing skills to allow for accurate completion of work orders and job-related documentation
    • Basic math skills: quantities, dimensions, addition, and subtraction
    • Ability to follow written and verbal job instructions

Education and Experience:

    • High School Diploma or GED preferred

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