Senior Process Engineer

Position Description:

Responsible for the overall management of the engineering process. This is a senior level position and is responsible for oversight and management of all aspects of plant and process engineering. The successful candidate will lead the engineering and production teams in achieving established goals related to quality, productivity, unscheduled downtime and scrap. This position will effectively use all available resources to ensure optimal performance of our production processes.
The primary responsibility for Continuous Quality Improvement through staff development and training as well as implementation of effective processes and procedures. This position will work closely with other members of the management team to achieve assigned goals.

Primary Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate the various aspects of the process engineering, including design, planning and development
    • Undertake evaluations of process alternatives
    • Assist in the preparation of feasibility level capital and operating costs for production processes
    • Assist in the development of processing plans, methods, design, materials handling, manpower requirements, cost analysis and other areas as appropriate
    • Critical review of reports prepared by contract laboratories
    • Search literature and assimilate information generated by others with the aim of solving relevant production issues
    • Provide specialist technical input into team project work
    • Act as the process lead on studies and projects
    • Develop or bring forward, as appropriate, industry best practices and new technologies
    • Prepare and review project proposals, studies, and technical reports
    • Oversee the cost effective, safe, and timely completion of projects that meet or exceed expectations
    • Apply a sound basic knowledge of safety, environmental and production-related issues during the execution of projects

Background Requirements:

    • Bachelor or higher degree in plastics or Process Engineering
    • 10+ years’ experience in leadership in a production environment
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to meet deadlines
    • Computer literate and proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
    • Punctual, reliable, conscientious, personable with high energy and good work ethic

Position Requirements:

    • Detail knowledge of our Products – color, Pattern, Size, Thickness
    • Knowledge of all process i.e., solvent print, UV print, tip coat, CNC, etc.
    • Strong communicator, both written and oral
    • Familiar with state and federal OSHA regulations
    • High level of time management and organizational skills
    • Ability to lead and work with a team and co-workers
    • Problem solving and analysis skills
    • Strong technical and problem-solving skills

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