Manufacturing and Test Engineer

Position Description:

This position will serve as a key member of the manufacturing team responsible for new product design, development and testing, and manufacturing improvements to existing products. The individual will be the lead support to the manufacturing group for troubleshooting, continuous improvements, product testing, and scrap reduction efforts.

Primary Responsibilities:

    • Building and maintaining technical knowledge and analysis of plastics, specifically PVC
    • Assisting with troubleshooting on new and existing products or processes
    • Acting as project manager to coordinate the manufacturing activities associated with new products; developing and executing testing to validate new product development
    • Understanding and applying standard engineering principles
    • Monitoring quality of products and controlling the efficiency of processes
    • Evaluating a design’s overall effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety
    • Understanding the manufacturing process to provide technical instruction to Operations and Personnel to facilitate the adjustment of process perimeters and arrive at desired results
    • Analyzing data using statistical tools and drawing a conclusion based on statistic inference
    • Providing safety leadership by engaging employees in safety interactions, acting on safety opportunities, and participating in company safety initiatives
    • Developing a system for measuring and reporting performance vs productivity and quality goals
    • Acting as a back-up management contact for production troubleshooting issues or product design issues
    • Providing day to day technical troubleshooting for the department
    • Identifying, approaching, and reducing common cause variations in the product process using Six Sigma concepts
    • Ensuring the process parameters of existing processes are in statistical control
    • Transforming product and process improvements into clearly defined procedures and instructions
    • Providing technical support for responsible processes to operating and maintenance personnel to achieve plant manufacturing objectives
    • Evaluating daily performance and identify and eliminate special cause variations
    • Transferring engineering instructions for trials and non-standard products into an executable plan
    • Providing technical support in capital improvement projects and development of capital budget
    • Demonstrating leadership skills
    • Communicating knowledge with other managers and direct reports
    • Defining and leading process improvement initiatives or continuous improvement initiatives
    • Assisting in the design and implementation of new equipment to improve production efficiencies
    • Utilizing documentation skills including the creation, development, and execution of test plans and ability to create and implement standard operating procedures
    • Documenting and implementing clearly defined procedures and instructions 
    • Complying with all safety, health, and environmental related policies and procedures; participating in company sponsored safety programs and activities; identifying conditions or actions by employees or others that may create a hazard to themselves or others in the plant; reporting work-related injury or illness, no matter how minor, to their manager

Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Chemical, Manufacturing or Plastics Engineering; 1-3 years of experience in a manufacturing engineering role, experience with composite or plastic molding processes a plus
    • Excellent computer skills: proficiency in 2D and 3D CAD design and solid modeling
    • Understanding of CAM and CNC, experience in automation is a plus.
    • Sheet extrusion experience preferred
    • Knowledge and experience with statistical process controls preferred
    • Strong computer skills including Excel spreadsheets, Minitab experience preferred
    • Knowledge of safety and environmental policies preferred
    • Process troubleshooting: problem solving, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement experience required

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